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Star Candidates



Expected Salary:     R 1.75 Million P/A

Location: Gauteng

Availability: Immediately

Highly accomplished and results-driven professional with over 15 years of extensive experience in the food and beverages industry. Proven track record of success in leadership roles, consistently driving operational excellence and exceeding business objectives.

Possessing exceptional managerial and strategic skills, this candidate has effectively managed cross-functional teams and spearheaded national-level operations as a National Manager. Demonstrating a deep understanding of industry trends, he has consistently implemented innovative strategies to optimize productivity, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue growth.

This candidates expertise lies in developing and executing comprehensive business plans, streamlining operations, and fostering strategic partnerships to ensure market competitiveness and sustained business growth. Adept at leveraging market insights and consumer preferences to develop and launch successful products, constantly introducing new offerings that have gained significant market share and driven brand loyalty.


Through strong leadership, he has cultivated high-performing teams, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence.



Expected Salary:     R 25 000 Per Month (Neg)

Location: Gordons Bay

Availability: 30 Days

This candidate is an accomplished and responsible Draftsman with a stellar record of client satisfaction. Adept at handling multiple projects simultaneously. Vast and deep knowledge of all drafting software and techniques. Highly effective at working with teams of designers and builders to complete projects on-time. Friendly and open minded; Dynamic, energetic professional with the mind set to succeed.

He has worked on multiple projects an creations with very well-know architectural companies around South Africa and Namibia


TECHNICAL SALES CONSULTANT - (fmcg food) (CANDIDATE NO: 102014) - Jul 2023

Expected Salary:     R 60 000 Per Month (Neg)

Location: Pretoria

Availability: 30 Days

This candidate is an educated and talented young man. He completed his National diploma in Food technology in 2011 and began his career as an intern working for Firmenich SA and has since gained various experience with FMCG companies such as Tiger Brand and Deli Spice.


Involved in production technology, technical processing, and sales. He is driven and would like to build his career in the technical and production areas and in line with what he has studied, in a more responsible/ supervisory position. He is always researching and making note of changes and improvements in the industry to ensure he can be of value to his clients and employer.



Expected Salary:     £ 6 500 Per Month

Location: Mauritius

Availability: Negotiable

This candidates career started as a bookkeeper in 1985 which progressed to Group Accountant, Management Accountant and Financial Manager after obtaining her Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1998. In 2004 she established her own Company, specializing in accounting and bookkeeping services to the small/medium sized company. This is still active in South Africa.


She completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning in 2011 to be fully regulated in the Financial Services Industry.  She has also completed the regulatory exams with the South African Financial Services board as a Key Individual and representative for any advisory company. Currently also registered with the FSC in Mauritius


This candidate has been a Financial Advisor since 2011 to both local and offshore clients in South Africa, Mauritius, Botswana, Malawi and Namibia.


Using a combination of Accounting Services and Financial Advising cover a niche market for small family office services. Services include money management on day to day basis, short and long term investments, Bank account management, financial travel arrangements, Mauritius permits, relocation co-ordination for business owners and staff, business structures.

HEAD OF SALES (CANDIDATE NO: 102011) - Jun 2023

Expected Salary:  R 900 000 P/A + Benefits

Location: Johannesburg

Availability: Negotiable

A seasoned growth and sales professional with a proven track record of success. This candidate has a deep understanding of the customer journey/experience and how to create and execute effective growth strategies. He is also highly proficient in sales and is passionate about helping
businesses close deals and grow their revenue. In his previous role, he was responsible for leading the company's growth initiatives. He developed and implemented a successful growth strategy and also led the company's sales team to achieve record-breaking sales numbers.

This candidate is a highly motivated and results-oriented individual with a strong work ethic, having been promoted in every business he has worked for. He believes that being part of a team and driving the right values will scale and grow a highly successful team. He is confident that he can use his skills and experience to help a business grow and succeed. Always eager to learn and always driven in helping others achieve their goals.

“it’s not about how good you are, it’s about how good you want to be”.

Candidate 102010

Construction Manager - Jun 2023

Expected Earnings: R 1 600 000 P/A Neg

Location:  Johannesburg - Willing to travel and work out of town

Availability :  Negotiable

This candidate is a highly qualified, experienced and sought after construction manager with more than 35 years specialising in construction of roads, resurfacing, repairing and maintenance. He is the reason the national highway between johannesburg and Durban (N3) and south coast (N2) has been a pleasure to drive in the past 10 to 15 years, his professional drive, control and management have ensured that one of the busiest stretches of highway in South Africa has been built and maintained at an International standard. 


This candidate is not only a highly skilled and knowledgeable manager, he has hands-on experience, understands the importance of cost management, time and performance of the complete team and project from start to finish and enjoys mentoring, teaching and sharing that with his staff, management and all relevant stakeholders.

Candidate 102009

Senior Buyer / Procurement Manager - Jun 2023

Location:  Western Cape

Expected earnings:  R 1.3 Million CTC (neg)

Availability :  30 Days

A very strong candidate from the FMCG industry, particularly food / Meat/ Butchery experience.  Driven to succeed in all of his goals and obtain a position in a corporate company where he can maximize his management skills, quality assurance, program development and training experience. This candidate is  self-driven and an ambitious individual whom is results-orientated with a positive outlook and a clear focus. A natural forward thinker who critically assesses own performance. Mature, credible and comfortable dealing with pressured environments. 

Candidate 102008

Refrigeration Technician - Jun 2023

Location:  JHB - Willing to relocate

Expected earnings:  R 300 000 P/a + Benefits

Availability :  14 Days

A highly skilled and qualified Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technician.  This candidate obtained his national Diploma in Mechanical engineering in 2017 and Achieved his Red Seal in 2022 - Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning. With 6yrs + experience, this candidate has experience working on cooling towers, central chill water plants, hair handling units etc.  He furthermore has experience with Multiplex and simplex systems.

A superb candidate looking to join a company so he can grow in his career even further.

Candidate 102007 


Expected Earnings:  R 530 000 P/A

Location:  Johannesburg

Availability :  30 Days

A senior Sage Evolution Consultant, that was awarded her National Diploma in Information Technology in 2013, and has completed all her Sage Evolution Certifications from LU1 - LU 6, including the V7 Bridging course.  This candidate has been involved in numerous implementations over the last 10 years and although she is now a Sage Evolution Training Specialist, her involvement in the implementation of SAGE for various clients has not ended.

Candidate 102006

Senior Sales Manager - Apr 2023

Expected Earnings:  R 2.5 Million P/A

Location:  JHB (Willing to relocate)

Availability : 30 Days

This candidate has over 20 years of supplying raw materials to the meat manufacturing and further processing industry in South Africa, including butcheries. 


He is an experienced leader with a history of managing salespeople and key customers, while simultaneously developing new businesses in domestic and international markets, formulating innovative ways to maximise sales of underperforming areas, performing well different cultures and challenging environments, and cultivating professional skills of cross-functional teams through inspiring leadership and interactive training sessions. His history demonstrates that he enjoys challenges and has repeatedly led teams to excel while setting ambitious goals in fast-paced settings. At the same time, I can manage and control complex operations with a focus on efficiency and profitability. 

  • Value this candidate has added to business:

  • Led major staff members and nurtured lucrative relationships with valuable customers, producing annual revenue worth R1.2bn.

  • Oversaw and optimised procurement office operations across Pretoria, whilst also administering sales office operations across Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.

  • Steered company’s numerous marketing efforts and initiatives through execution of sales and marketing strategies.

  • Credited with Bachelor of Business Administration.

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