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Position:   Onsite IT Manager

Job No:      202452

Location:  Modderfontein

Salary:       R 35 000 - R 50 000 P/M dependent upon experience


Reports to Finance Executive
Logistics company - Supply chain

The main purpose of the IT Manager is to oversee and ensure companies computing systems and equipment are operating effectively and efficiently. The IT Manager will do this by analyzing the company's current systems, networks; and assets, recommending and implementing solutions and upgrades; and providing training when needed, while adhering to company requirements, specifications, costs, and timelines. The IT Manager will have extensive knowledge of network maintenance, vendor management experience, and industry knowledge to keep companies on the cutting edge. The IT Manager will have an immediate impact on day-to-day efficiency of companies s operations and a long-term impact on companies overall growth.

Objectives of this role

  • Maintain essential IT infrastructure, including operating systems, security tools, applications, servers, email systems, laptops, desktops, software, and hardware.

  • Take responsibility for projects and solutions within the larger business environment.

  • Handle business-critical IT tasks and systems administration.

  • Research and evaluate emerging technologies, hardware, and software.

  • Track and maintain hardware and software inventory.


  • Analyze departmental needs, identify vulnerabilities, and boost productivity, efficiency, and accuracy to inform business decisions.

  • Plan, organize, control, and evaluate IT and electronic data operations.

  • Ensure network components work together seamlessly to meet business needs, using their full range of capabilities, and stay informed about new features and competitor solutions.

  • Analyze processes, technologies, and vendors continually to find areas of improvement.

  • Prepare cost-effective analyses when upgrades are necessary and monitor vendors to ensure that they are offering the best-possible service and value for business needs.

  • Train employees to use software and hardware; troubleshoot issues and provide technical support when needed.

  • Develop and execute disaster planning, ensure security of data and network access, and maintain data backups.

  • Assuring all IT activities are performed within the parameters of applicable laws, codes, and regulations.

Required skills and qualifications

  • Proven working experience in IT Management for 3 - 5 years

  • Deep knowledge of programming languages and operating systems (e.g., Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory), current equipment and technologies (Ruckus, Ubiquity APS), enterprise backup and recovery procedures, and systems performance monitoring.

  • Expertise in implementing, configuring, and testing IT solutions.

  • Strong creative, problem solving, decision-making and analytical skills.

  • Firm grasp on IT infrastructure and operations best practices.

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in information technology or computer science.

  • Professional certification

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