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​Position:    BOM & Warranty Coordinator

Job No:       202474

Location:   Alberton 

Salary:        R 16 000 - R 20 000 P/m dependent upon experience

Role Description:

Sales orders 

  • Ensure all orders are being collected on a daily basis and submit all orders the same day to production.  

  • Batching of Glass, Doors & Frames daily

  • Checking that all job cards are corresponding with the sales orders

  • Loading of BOM’s on all job cards where applicable for all non-stock: Glass, Doors and Frames

  • Make sure correct materials are reflecting on the job cards/picking slips before submitting to production and stores

  • Check and send reminder email to buyer/procurement of all non-stock items that’s reflect on sales orders for doors & frames to place order

  • Add additional materials requirement on Panel doors only

  • Add additional materials requirements as requested with Authorization/Approval for glass, doors and frames

  • All Bulk orders to be breakdown in smaller quantities for picking slips as per production schedule

  • Send out mails of all orders received for the day and that was hand over to production/stores

  • Give all orders for production to the correct department

  • Check status of orders/picking slips that’s still have not been collected by stores if they are complete or not


  • Process of warranties to the sales orders once 2 approvals has been received

  • If warranties do not have correct info pass back to the person requested it before uploading

  • Create of job numbers and add all material require as per warranties onto job no and print picking slips

  • Ensure all supporting documents are attached to warranty documents

  • Give all warranties orders that needs to be manufactured to the correct departments

  • Send mail out of warranty that has been process 


Bill of Materials

  • Control and monitor all BOM”s to conduct time and product flow studies to ensure the Bill of Material structures are correct

  • To identify errors or correction needed in the BOM for improvement of the standards

  • To make changes and corrections to the Bill of Material and ensure that the ECR process are followed before any BOM changes are to be made with the correct approval

  • Assist in the continuous improvement process around BOM structures



  • Assist in the continuous observation of procedures/process are followed

  • To highlight of any issues arising and resolve

  • Compile QC documents for inspection

  • Assist with issuing, receipting and job closure when applicable

  • Assist with stock take capturing 

Skills requirements

  • Ability to handle and prioritized multiple tasks

  • Leadership skills

  • Basic business sense

  • Advance ability to understand production processes

  • Ability to create and understand report on excel

  • Work under pressure

  • Problem solving

  • Able to identify stock

  • Good communication skills

  • Syspro knowledge preferable

  • Computer literacy 

  • Excellent numerical skills

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