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Position:       R & D Draughtsman

Job No:          202505

Location:      Alberton

Salary:           R 18 000 - R 23 000 P/m dependent upon experience

Role Description:

Job Purpose

Continuously improve products and processes and lead the development of new products. Identify and lead value engineering projects. Assist internal customers with continuous improvement and value engineering projects. Assist Production Team with technical information. Promote the use of common parts among various product classes and minimise complexity. Promote design for manufacture. Control release of revision-controlled production drawings.




Product Design

  • Lead new product design projects.

  • Develop detailed 3D product designs using CAD systems.

  • Provide the Engineering and Production with technical data and detailed drawings.

  • Design for manufacture.


General Duties


  • Generate part models

  • Generate assemblies

  • Generate flat patterns in AutoCAD for CAM purposes

  • Generate bending drawings

  • Generate assembly drawings and instructions

  • Create bills of materials

  • Source cost efficient components and materials

  • Requisition special bought out components that are not in stock

  • Assist with illustrations and renderings for marketing and instructional material

  • Generate part numbers for standard components

  • Order sheet metal parts from Machine Shop

  • Develop wiring diagrams for approval by Engineering


Continuous improvement on product range


  • Minimise the number of part numbers by promoting the use of common parts and modularity.

  • Designing new optimized versions of products in the existing product portfolio.

  • Research and Development of new products to be added to the product range.

  • Create general arrangement drawings for the factory and customers.

  • Assist in optimisation of product designs in existing product portfolio.

  • Reduce cost of manufacture through value engineering projects.


Process Continuous Improvement Projects


  • Identify process improvement projects.

  • Implement process improvements and lead continuous improvement processes.

  • Document and standardise processes.

  • Reduce the skill required for assembly through design.

Configuration Management


  • Standardise processes – Create and issue work instructions and engineering instructions.

  • Standardise designs – Develop and update design manual.

  • Lead engineering change procedures.

Skills requirements

  • 3D Drafting tertiary qualification. 

  • Proficiency in SolidWorks with Autodesk Inventor experience.

  • Hands-on approach.

  • Good communication skills

  • Microsoft Office

  • Experience in a manufacturing environment

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