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Position:   Enterprise Risk Manager

Job No:      202455

Location:  Sandton 

Salary:       R 75 000 P/M


Job Mission / Objective

Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) (2nd Line of defense)
Identify and manage risks to the organization, its employees, stakeholders, assets, and operations and develop ERM strategies, objectives and policies that will establish the framework, tools, and procedures to achieve successful risk identification and management within best practice standards.
The ERM Manager facilitates the execution of ERM process and infrastructure as a key enabler to achieving the business objectives of the department. The role requires oversight of key risk areas, stakeholders, and tasks in respect of the Business units concerned.
Develop, maintain, manage, and execute a comprehensive process for identifying, assessing, mitigating, monitoring, and reporting on risks that may impact on organisational performance.
The ERM Manager is an independent risk assessor who does not have the role of managing or mitigating the risks but must have oversight, monitor, report and advise on any risks identified.

Impact on Business Results

  • Indirect impact on the Bank's earnings, profits, and expenses.

  • Indirect impact on sales.

Indirect impact on business design, structure, and execution.

Figures Affected by the Role (KPIs)


  • Payroll Cost

  • Operational Cost: IT, Printers, Paper, Toner

  • Penalties


  • Risk awareness and training within the business units concerned.

  • Risk management and monitoring within the business units concerned.

  • Stakeholder management (internal).

Main Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement, and maintain an ERM framework and supporting policies and procedures.- Develop and implement a strategic and annual ERM plan.- Develop and implement risk assessment methodologies, models, and systems.- Assess and maintain the risk maturity profile of the organisation.- Facilitate the identification of risks utilising appropriate tools and techniques.- Facilitate the assessment of identified risks.- Facilitate the compilation of strategic risk registers, risk appetites.- Facilitate the development of risk response strategies (mitigation plans).- Report all relevant ERM matters including; findings, risk positions and recommendations to relevant stakeholders.- Establish and maintain a risk management philosophy and culture within the organisation.- Manage the coordination of risk management with all assurance providers.- Coordinate the activities of the Risk Management Committee and perform the Secretariat function.

  • Manage relationships within Access Bank SA from a risk perspective.- Monitor that service levels, procedures and processes are being adhered to.- Facilitated risk readiness surveys bi-annually;- Developed and instituted a risk measurement index;- Monthly and quarterly risk forums and reported to key stakeholders.- Effective people management and Stakeholder engagement.- Assist with developing Portfolio stress testing and scenario analysis.- In conjunction with suppliers regular and systematic review and evaluation of risk factors and (re-) classification of risk impact, with risk owners.- Understand changes in businesses, operations, technology, regulations, and other factors that may drive a re-assessment of the risk rating and assessment plan.- Assist in identifying current political, social, and other risks to the global economy and capital markets; make related investment recommendations.

  • Provide an independent risk view to the CRO regarding the BU's proposed business plans, processes, risks, controls, mitigation actions and transactions.- Risk reporting in an appropriate way for different audiences, for example, to the board of directors so they understand the most significant risks, to business heads to ensure they are aware of risks relevant to their parts of the business and to individuals to understand their accountability for individual risks.- Report key performance risk metrics to the CRO covering all areas of the BU with subsequent analysis and commentary. Deadlines to be met prior to completion of reports and signoff to be obtained from BU Heads prior to submission.- Implements appropriate risk reporting to the CRO and BU Head within the templates as designed.- Annual assessment as a minimum to be undertaken identify risks and control weaknesses.- Development of Business Impact assessments for all business units.- Escalate risks, control weaknesses or compliance breaches that remain unmitigated and outside reasonable tolerances.- Investigate and report on specific issues or topics raised by senior management (e.g., economic and capital market impact of unexpected macroeconomic or financial system shocks).

Not responsible for

  • Managing the BU risk or being responsible for mitigating actions.- Controlling the mitigation actions taken by the BU

Business Planning/ Decision Making

  • Business Units Risk Plan- Development of the BU

Policies and Procedures

  • Development and implementation of the BU's risk policies and frameworks.Awareness creation on ERM RiskReview of procedures for the BU's risk identification

Other Role Elements

Contacts and Business Relationships

  • Internal: - All Alliance Partners

  • External: - Alliance Partners, System Operators

Job Requirements

Academic Knowledge:

  • BCom / Risk Degree


Work Experience:

  • Minimum 7 Yrs. Risk Experience

  • Minimum 5 Yrs. Bank experience.

  • Sound knowledge of Basel, regulatory requirements, and market practices.

Skills / Specialized Know How:

  • Proven track record working at a senior level in a commercial banking environment. Prior risk, audit and corporate governance experience at a senior level is advantageous.

  • Knowledge of enterprise risk.

  • Proactive and self-motivated with excellent communication and influencing skills

  • Ability to anticipate issues, identify solutions and provide clear guidance to the Board to enable it to meet its obligations

  • Demonstrable experience of building and motivating a team.

  • Proven leadership skills particularly in dealing across functional areas

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Ability to liaise closely with senior management

  • Knowledge of IT and project management


  • A sound understanding of ERM principles and philosophy

  • Ability to think strategically

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent facilitation and training skills

  • Able to organise and motivate others, who may be in a more senior position

  • Ability to work with all levels of management and across departments

  • Familiarity with key risk management and regulatory requirements

  • Good understanding of the key business processes across a bank

  • Big-picture thinking

  • Quality conscious

  • Strong analytical and decision-making skills

  • Ability to work on own initiative, make things happen, influence, educate and advise

  • Excellent organisation skills and attention to detail

  • Computer literate (Excellence in Microsoft Excel, Word & PowerPoint)

  • Persistence and perseverance

  • Results driven

Good business understanding (including process analyses and dataflow)

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