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Financial Accountant

Job No:  202094

Location: Bryanston

Salary:  R 25 0000 - R 30 000 P/M Dependent upon experience

  • The Accountant role is to be responsible for maintaining an organisation's key accounting records, i.e. ledgers.

  • They make sure that money earned and spent is properly accounted. They are in charge of safekeeping financial records for future references.

  • They also get in contact with their employer’s clients as they send out invoices and follow-up on payments.

  • Day-to-day activities include recording transactions such as income and outgoings and posting them to various accounts.

  • This role is a broad and varied role.

  • Checking and assisting with the processing of supplier invoices into the accounting system after invoice has been agreed to purchase order and delivery note or digital signature.

  • Performing reconciliation of supplier statements to amounts due per the accounting system.

  • Following up on account queries to resolve and to escalate to management where intervention is required.

  • Generate supplier payment schedules and cash flow for approval and loading on the bank.

  • Raise inter-company invoices and claims as required from creditors transactions posted.

  • Raise Internal/external debtors’ invoices as required.

  • Performing reconciliation of Debtors statements to amounts due per the accounting system.

  • Following up on outstanding debtor amounts.

  • Processing remittances and reconciling associated cash books

  • Load and check payments to suppliers and once of payments.

  • Assist with statutory submissions, SARS, WCA etc.

  • Any ad hoc requirements relating to the finance department and accounting of transactions.


An individual that possesses the following attributes:

  • Work in a fast paced working environment.

  • The need for a strong sense of time management and organisational skills, and with exposure to many aspects of the accounting function,  will be focused on creditors and will change over to more accounting work overtime.

  • Should be able to handle multiple tasks and requests from multiple individuals within the finance department.

  • Should be able perform required accounting functions with minimal oversight/ have excellent administrative skills and an eye for detail.

  • Should be able to work remotely and from the office as and when required.

  • Being able and willing to work over a weekend on an ad hoc basis will be required, especially around reporting periods, September and March.

  • Experience with a group of companies would be beneficial.

  • Should be able to communicate with external suppliers/stakeholders and build working relationships in order to obtain relevant information and documents to meet required deadlines.


Oversee Creditors function: 

  • Request invoices and statements from suppliers assigned to you.

  • Matching of invoices to signed delivery notes and approved purchase orders within the system and within the guidelines of the procedural policies.

  • Invoices with no order should be sent back to the relevant supplier.

  • Take delivery of matched delivery notes if the invoice has a corresponding order within the system. 

  • Processing of supplier invoices on a daily basis, in line with the requirements from SARS to ensure Vat and Tax compliance.

  • Where required obtain sign off and allocation of invoices needing processing from the appropriate operational staff member based on the appropriate levels of authority.

  • Recognize and correct account issues following up with the procurement department or suppliers and handing remaining queries to the creditors manager to perform further follow up with the procurement department.

  • Basic journal processing for allocation corrections.

  • Timely and accurate reconciling of creditors statements to the specific months general ledger balance.

  • Updating Creditors Cash Flow listing for scheduled payments based on a reviewed and signed off supplier reconciliation from the financial manager.

  • Compiling remittance advice, posting in the system after payment and forwarding on to suppliers with proof of payment.

  • Ensuring all reconciling items to be followed up with a supplier has been done by the following month and no long outstanding items are reflected on supplier reconciliations, any items outstanding longer than 1 month should be raised with the creditors manager to be followed up with the procurement department.

  • Ensure that all supporting documentation is filed in the correct manner, ISO requirements to be followed.

  • Dealing with management and suppliers in a professional manner, attending meetings with suppliers as required.

  • Prepare creditor payment cash flows for approval and payment.


Oversee Debtors function: 

  • Raise requested debtors’ invoices internally and externally from signed off claim sheets/construction claims.

  • Raise requested credit notes internally and externally for debtors’ invoices previously issued.

  • Liaise with the relevant project managers and other staff in Calgro to obtain the relevant allocations and sign offs to ensure invoices are correctly generated and approved.

  • Generate monthly statements and reconcile them to the relevant debtor’s ledger.

  • Follow up with outstanding debtors were required.

  • Ensure that all supporting documentation is filed in the correct manner, ISO requirements to be followed.

  • Dealing with management and debtors in a professional manner.

  • Cashbooks.

  • Process cashbook transactions.

  • Reconcile bank balances to accounting records and review.

  • Trace relevant transactions to supporting documents and ensure correct allocation in accounting records.


Critical Factors:

  • Ensure that invoices match delivery notes and have valid orders/claims or digital signatures.

  • Ensure invoices have all the correct company details and complies with SARS requirements

  • Ensure deliveries and Invoices are processed correctly into the accounting system, date, period, amount and supplier/debtor.

  • Ensuring that supplier/debtor queries are corrected.

  • Ensure proof of payments agrees to remittance advice and are processed in the system.

  • Ensure that cash books are reconciled regularly.

  • Preparing creditor payments cash flows.

  • Loading and reviewing of payments.

  • Ensure correctness and timeliness of statutory submissions.

  • Adhering to set finance policies and deadlines.


Finance functions (where required):

  • Load supplier details and payments on banking platforms or assist in checking payment details for amounts, recipient details to approved listings for ad hoc payments, creditors and subcontractors.

  • Drawing supporting documents, schedules and reports as required for management or auditors.

  • Update and maintain, as well as checking monthly creditor/debtor cash flow/payment listing.

  • Post and reconcile intercompany transactions and accounts as well as review and ensuring balances agree.

  • Assist with cashbook capturing and bank reconciliations as well as review.


Review Function:

  • Assist in the reviewing of transactions and allocations in the accounting records.

  • Ensure the correctness of reports for management and statutory submissions.



  • Tertiary Degree or equivalent

  • Finance Degree (Bcompt), professional body accreditation (AGA,CIMA, ect)


Work Experience:

  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience in the accountant function

  • Accounting software package experience

  • Must be computer literate with Excel skills

  • 5 or more years’ experience in the Accountant function

  • Experience in the accounting software used by Client, BUILDSMART.

  • Computer literate with high proficiency in Excel



  • Attention to detail

  • Computer literacy

  • Good written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Ability to analyse and interpret data/reports

  • Flexible and adaptable

  • Able to schedule effectively and prioritize tasks

  • Adaptable

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